I got the chance to see Godzilla yesterday, squeezing into a packed theatre and eating my terrible popcorn. Does it get any better then that? Anyways, I chose not to get too exited for this movie just because if it wasn’t very good, like most rejuvenation movies are. This movie has Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olson, and Bryan Cranston. This movie is basically explaining the occurrences and precautions the world took the first time trying to eradicate the beast himself. And clearly because they made a sequel he has been awoken. First, the direction and editing were spot on, all shots were lined up perfectly and the monster itself was breath taking. Also, I need to applaud the sound editors, it must be so hard to line up all the screams and roars, and collapsing buildings must be very difficult but, it was seamless. Aaron Taylor-Johnson had an alright role, every time I saw him I pictured him in his Kick Ass costume. He did alright ,nothing special. Bryan Cranston was just perfect, he gave the perfect amount of emotion and riveting drive to find the truth.

I highly suggest seeing this if you loved the original or you just love seeing natural destruction by an 100 foot gremlin, ape, creature then this is your movie

I give Godzilla a B+

Leave your comments for what movie I should review next




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